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Dori Freeman – Ten Thousand Roses – Album Review

Released on 10th September 2021, Dori Freeman’s fourth album – Ten Thousand Roses – sees the return of a great-sounding record with added full band.

The ten-track album, weighing in at 30 minutes, is an enjoyable listen. Whilst the sound has changed from her three other full-length releases to date, it’s still unmistakably a Dori Freeman record.  Complete with her great songwriting and sweet voice, it’s unlikely to disappoint any fans.  

The addition of the full band gives a new dimension to her music and – along with being her first not to be produced by Teddy Thompson – I’m sure it will attract new fans.  There’s more of a pop feel to the album – which might confuse some listeners, since the banjo and mandolin are still obviously present on most songs.  Freeman and producer Nick Falk have created a great record, mixing in lots of different influences from folk and bluegrass, through country, to an intro to Only You Know – which channels Smokey Robinson’s Tears of a Clown.

Whilst the album has no weak tracks, the standout song for this reviewer is Appalachian – a more political song than you normally hear from Freeman, and one that points out how America treats the people of Appalachia.  The mix of the track is great, and deserves to be listened to with a good set of headphones or speaker system.  

Dori Freeman photo by Kristen Crigger
Photo Credit: Kristen Crigger

If you like good songwriting, good musicians and music which will be classed as americana because it can’t be clearly defined as country, this is an album you should check out.  You too could be wandering around with the line “you don’t owe nobody nothing” in your head.

Ten Thousand Roses is out now on Blue Hens Music.

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