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Dream Wife spends some quality time in Glasgow’s Garage

The Garage was the venue when London-based indie pop punk band Dream Wife arrived in Glasgow on their Social Lubrication UK tour.

Words and Pictures: Clive Braham – CBMUSICPHOTOGRAPHY

Support on the Dream Wife tour, which they dubbed The Dream Tour, was from Dream Nails, the DIY punk Grrrl band from London. Their energetic set got the eagre Glaswegian crowd warmed up and ready for the main event with their riotous set of protest bangers.

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Pic Credit: Clive Braham

Dream Wife’s original members – fronted by Icelander Rakel on vocals, with Bella on bass and Alice on guitar – met at university in Brighton in 2014 and formed the band as part of a project. They haven’t looked back since. They soon outgrew the backing drum machine and were joined by Alex on drums, completing their unique and high energy sound. Sometimes disco style drum beats with driving bass and punk rock lead guitar? Whyever not?

This tour takes on the road their third studio album, “Social Lubrication”. It was recorded in Leeds and produced by Alice. It continues their trademark heavy hitting statements on inclusivity, lust, empowerment, objectification, feminism and smashing the patriarchy. The set included many of the newer songs as well as a host of the crowd’s favorites from the previous releases. The diverse crowd, which was a celebration of every kind of age, gender, style and sexuality loved every second of it, singing along to every song including the band’s racous cover of the T.A.T.U.’s lesbian anthem ‘All The Things She Said’ as the band played out their blistering set. They were clearly enjoying themselves as Bella and Alice high kicked and cavorted around the stage, the latter topless apart from some strategically placed electrical tape for most of the set, while Rakel captivated everyone in the room with her dancing, poses and her vocal delivery.

For the tunes, the messages, the stage presence and the sheer joy of it all, Dream Wife are not to be missed next time they pass through.

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