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 Easter is Cancelled – the brand new album from The Darkness, is a high octane collection of songs

Easter is Cancelled – the brand new album from The Darkness, is a high octane collection of songs none of which would sound out of place in a classic Rock Opera such as The Who’s Tommy or indeed The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Frontman Justin Hawkins has a voice capable of hitting operatic heights yet has a hint of delicacy that makes the songs message believable.

The opening song Rock and Roll Deserves to Die tickles the musical tastebuds with an array of cescendos that leaves the mind reeling. Guitarist Dan Hawkins comes to the forefront in this album. His guitar riffs and passion for his instrument seems to shine through none more so than on the title track Easter is Cancelled which is classic The Darkness. You can feel every drum beat of Rufus Taylor, every lick of Dan’s guitar and the baseline of Frankie Poullain places the ribbon around the cake.

 Live til I Die is a throwback 80s rock anthem in its arrangement and sound. Justin’s range is evident on this song and makes this one of the standout tracks on the album. 

The Darkness have really excelled themselves,  Heart Explodes is the highlight, it’s a story told a million times in a million songs but this is fresh. The band are on point and each member delivers their part with fire and skill. You will be hard pushed to find a bad track on this album. 

What makes this Album different from most Rock offerings is the fact that some would argue that it doesn’t have a definitive rock sound, flirting in some instances with an Indie Sound and on occasion a Punk influence you could see their point, However, Rock it is and a classic at that. This album body slams

The Darkness back to the top of the rock ladder and if this is what we can expect from any future albums their stay there will be a long one.

The Darkness – Easter is Cancelled. Released 4th October 2019

The Darkness are: Justin Hawkins – Frontman and Lead Vocalist, Dan Hawkins – Guitarist, Rufus Taylor – Drummer and  Frankie Poullain – Bassist

Track List

  1. Rock and Roll Deserves to Die
  2. How Can I Lose Your Love
  3. Live Til I Die
  4. Heart Explodes
  5. Deck Chair
  6. Easter Is Cancelled
  7. Heavy Metal Lover
  8. In Another Life
  9. Choke On It
  10. We Are The Guitar Men

Easter Is Cancelled will be released digitally and in full Technicolor physical glory as a standard CD, digipak CD with bonus tracks, gatefold LP, limited edition colour vinyl gatefold LP and cassette. The album is available to Purchase from the band’s official store including special signed copies, deluxe edition and exclusive album bundle offers.


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