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The Last Clouds – Fatalism. Electro duo release 2nd single of 2024

Fatalism is the sound of a garage band who have abandoned guitars in favour of technology.

The Last Clouds describe themselves as a spiritually aggressive electronic duo spawned from the mean fields of Cheshire, which can usually be found playing in empty rooms around the northwest of England., Featuring Matt Schott and Al Quarterman, they’ve been around the North West scene now for a few years and this their best track to date. Schott grew up in a house where music was always on, one of his earliest memories is sitting on his father’s knee watching Top Of The Pops! Matt is a music obsessive and when he’s not recording another episode of his Middle Aged Indie Kids podcast, you’ll most likely find him out in town watching live acts.

Schott has previously listed his influences as including Sparks/ Suede/ Manics /Bowie/ Duran Duran/ Depeche Mode/ Tubeway Army and you can hear elements of these, with more contemporary flavours such as Ist Ist and Editors. As Matt explains, “we spend these lives with darkness nipping at the corners our existence forever threatening to consume us given the right circumstance… with Fatalism we invite you to dive straight into that darkness for 4 minutes and 11 seconds.
Fatalism noun

  1. the belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable. “fatalism can breed indifference to the human costs of war”

There’s a pandora’s box quality to The Last Clouds music. Once you lift the lid on it for the first time, there’s no going back and you’ll want immerse yourself in all that you can find. Fatalism broods and builds, ebbs and flows to a crescendo, almost cinematic in its quality. Schott’s vocals are an instrument in themselves and are allowed ample space to breathe alongside Quarterman’s music. What is inevitable about Fatalism is that once you hear it, The Last Clouds will be firmly on your musical radar.

Fatalism is available on the usual streaming platforms, but do yourself (and the band) a favour and head on over to their Bandcamp page and get the high quality uncompressed WAV version.

Video for their last release “Home”

If any of this has “tickled yer pickle” then you can catch their first gig in 2 years when they play Owen Meikle-Williams curated After All Festival to be held at The Peer Hat / AATMA on 20th April. Tell ’em Andi sent you!

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