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Honey Motel release new single ‘Cartoons’

Out now on Bread & Butter Records

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Liverpool’s Honey Motel have today released their new single ‘Cartoons’ on all digital platforms via Bread and Butter Records.

‘Cartoons’ talks about the machine of life. That psychological cog that we all become apart of at some point in our lives. A cog that chews us up and spits us out. A cog that’s always turning and turning, day by day, week by week, month by month. ‘Cartoons’ resembles the effort to avoid that machine. To keep ahold of the youth, the fearlessness, the curiosity, the innocence that some lose as they grow older, but all seem to harness in their younger years. To “keep yourself alive” is to embody that youthful spirit until your time is up, until the curtain draws and the book is closed. To “keep yourself alive” is to not die before death has come, to not fade into the everlasting white noise of existence. To “keep yourself alive” is to dance your way out of this place…whilst smiling of course.

“Cartoons to me is about freeing yourself from the bullshit of life. To stop worrying about things that don’t matter and to just do what makes you happy” – Sam Meredith


As the uncut gems of the Liverpool music scene, Honey Motel bring a whirlwind of free-spirited flair to the industry with their infectious melodies and euphoric choruses, accompanied by lyrics filled with power, angst and uncertainty. All delivered with authentic Mersey charm.

Made up of Matthew Walker, Sam Meredith, Jack Hughes and Paul ‘Pablo’ Robinson, Honey Motel – est. September 2020 – have since exploded into their sphere with their dynamic indie sound and eccentric energy. Reminiscent of indelible late night antics, their hallmark sound takes a clever blend of influence from classic indie rock, 80s synth pop & soul, producing a DNA that’s unmistakably Honey Motel.

The band have hit the ground running getting local and national airplay, showing the world that Honey Motel are a band with the intent to dominate from the get go. Music lovers across the world get to experience that “where were you” moment as they hear their first taste of this unbelievably exciting band from Merseyside, the band being named as one of the select few bands on XS Manchester radio’s “Ones to Watch”.  

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