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Junodream – Travel Guide Mixtape – EP Review

Junodream release their latest EP – Travel Guide Mixtape – on 11 June 2021.  It consists of six tracks and mixes the instrumental with ‘90s British Indie-sounding songs.  Whilst there’s something about a few of the tracks that sounds familiar, it’s more likely due to their height-of-BritPop/‘90s sound.  

The EP starts with NY2000, a summery-sounding instrumental track, with a good guitar part which draws your attention.  The second track – Eden Burns – follows on in a similar vein, and this is where that BritPop sound makes itself most noticeable.  The third track – Niugnep – is another instrumental, although better described as a 40-second soundscape.  

With track four – Let Me Breathe Again – you get a bit of the Arctic Monkeys thrown in, but the best songs on the mixtape are definitely the last two.  Travel Guide and White Sunday are slower songs, again with good guitar parts, a little of the early Athlete and Gomez about them, and maybe a bit of early Embrace on White Sunday, but they highlight the band’s talents best.  They also have a laying-in-the-sun vibe to them, which makes listening to the album on the hottest week of the year so far a good choice.

The lyrics are interesting throughout and, all-in-all, it’s a good indie-pop EP.  If you like music of this variety or just want something a bit different to the normal chart fare of late, check it out.

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