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Katy For Kings Shares New Single “Hard In Myself”


“A hugely ambitious alt-pop voice, she’s a star on TikTok, with Katy For Kings often being compared to American breakout star Olivia Rodrigo.” – Clash

“The Essex-born rising star has been gaining a hard and fast set of fans who flock to hear her folk-pop melodies and storied lyricism.”tmrw

“Possesses the ability to pull listeners inside of the worlds of her tracks through her lyrics and imagery.”Clout

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Katy For Kings has established a distinct artistic identity for herself via recent tracks such as ‘Middle Ground’ and ‘Impersonator’. Bringing modern pop stylings to the singer-songwriter tradition, her lyrics explore stories and emotions that resonate with her generation – the coming-of-age experiences and challenges that so many young people go through.

She again excels at all of those things as she shares her new single ‘Hard On Myself’. Sounding like a seasoned artist with a catalogue of radio hits behind her, the song is a personal reminder that a little self-appreciation and self-forgiveness goes a long way. And even with mounting critical acclaim, a promising following at TikTok (130,000+ likes), and the look of a future star, it shows that Katy isn’t immune to such vulnerabilities either. 

“‘Hard on Myself’ is an open letter to anyone who’s struggling with self-confidence or establishing their identity,” says Katy. “It’s also become very apparent to me over the last year that I don’t like feeling like I have to fit into a box to attract or please people. ‘Hard on Myself’ is me coming to terms with that.”

‘Hard On Myself’ is the latest product of Katy For Kings’ ongoing creative connection with co-writer Chris Bourne (5 Seconds of Summer) and hitmaking producer John Fields (Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus).

The single is out ahead of Katy’s 21st birthday tomorrow. As she joked on social media, it was scheduled then as a distraction from getting into a ‘The Moment I Knew’ situation – Taylor Swift’s lyrical tale of a birthday party gone horribly wrong.

More seriously, though, Katy For King’s growing catalogue of songs (i guess i have enough songs for this now) is particularly impressive given that the Chelmsford-based artist first started playing guitar just six years ago. The potential is undoubtedly there for her to take her music to a much bigger stage.

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