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LARKIN POE is one of the very few bands that have made the successful trip from to country to mainstream and still remained true to their roots. Sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell hail from Atlanta and have blazed a trail with their fusion of country and rock n roll; theirs is an eclectic mix of sounds which, whilst almost always true to their country roots, delves into the mainstream world of contemporary music.

Their latest offering is ‘Self Made Man’ and it builds on an already impressive back catalogue. It truly is a labour of love for the girls who involve themselves in every aspect of the Larkin Poe machine. The album was produced alongside Alan Nichols at his studio in Nashville and is a triumph of sound and production.

The album kicks off with the title song which was also released as the lead single from the album. ‘She’s a Self Made Man’ has an undercurrent of blues-driven by distorted guitars and some nice riffs and licks. There is a definite hint of Lenny Krafitz floating around in there too. The country and Americana vibe continues as the guitar-driven sound keeps the listener engaged throughout.

Track 4 is Back Down South and it features TYLER BRYANT. There is a magnificent placement of guitars in the mix which has them complimenting each other excellently with a huge slab of country sound during the chorus and some great lyrics like Papa got a new bag/he gave to Mr. Brown”if you know; you know.

There is some more country for the masses and some slide guitar in the following tracks and there is a magnificent gospel vibe in ‘God Moves on the Water’ which has a definite ‘John The Revelator’ thing going on — the original; not Depeche Mode!

‘Every Bird that Flies’ brings a minimalistic sound that is a pure sonic treat with a brilliant lead line.

Track 8 is ‘Scorpion’ and is an uptempo number that is unlike anything else on the album. There is a definite hit here if they decide to assault the mainstream market with it.

‘Danger Angel’ starts off with what sounds like a banjo and then a trance-like percussion track drives the song in a way Kraftwerk would have been proud of. I did say the sound was eclectic!

The musical journey continues and, sadly, finishes, with some up-tempo joy in the form of ‘Easy Street’ which gives visions of a barn dance where it’s impossible not to dance.

All in all, this is an excellent piece of work with no weak tracks. Marie Osmond probably described it best when she sang ‘A little bit country / a little bit rock n roll’.

COVID-19 permitting, Larkin Poe intends to play a huge tour in support of the album in towns and cities all around the World.

SELF MADE MAN is out NOW! Buy/Listen here:
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She’s A Self Made Man’ is on Larkin Poe’s 2020 album ‘Self Made Man’, out now! Buy/Listen here: Check out the Larkin Poe online shop for exclusive packages and new merch goodies: Listen to ‘She’s A Self Made Man’: Check out upcoming tour dates: For more info:

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