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Lissie – Catching A Tiger (Anniversary Edition) – Album Review

Eleven years on from its release, comes the Anniversary Edition of Lissie’s Catching A Tiger.  Containing all tracks from the original album remastered, this version also has an additional five songs from the recording session. 

For anyone who has never listened to Catching A TigerLissie’s debut – it’s a great album with good songwriting, a brilliant and non-standard voice and some awesome guitar solos.  From the start – with Record Collector – the record grabs you.  The songs are catchy and, whilst there is a constant thread linking them, each track is different and well crafted.  Most importantly, after eleven years, it has lost none of its appeal.

Elaine Constantine

The Anniversary Edition, with its additional songs, will allow anyone who does not already own Catching A Tiger the opportunity to purchase on both vinyl and CD, and for those who do, a chance to get their hands on the limited edition coloured vinyl.  But why should anyone who already owns the album (outside of the completists, who will ensure they have everything an artist releases) buy this version?  Other than the aforementioned coloured vinyl, the extra five tracks are a nice addition to the album.  On the first couple of listens you can see why they didn’t make the original twelve, but you are of course swayed by ten years of listening to the album in its present form.  The more you listen to these songs, the more they grow on you and they are obviously from the same sessions.  They fit with the ethos of the album and, given time, you are likely to forget they were a late addition.

All told, the Anniversary Edition is a good album.  It’s of course a must-buy for Lissie fans, and if you don’t already own the original 2010 release it would make sense to purchase this version.  

Catching A Tiger (Anniversary Edition) is digitally released on 25 June 2021, with various bundles available from the official Lissie store – which include the Watch Over Me (Early Works 2002-2009) album released on 23 July ‘21, with physical versions to follow (mostly due to issues with pressing of vinyl records).

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