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Los Angeles Based Artist & Songwriter KINGS Debuts New Single “How To Kill Me”

Artist and songwriter KINGS has released a brand new single, “how to kill me.” The song is out now via Snafu Records.

KINGS lives a life split between singing and songwriting in Nashville, working inLos Angeles, and navigating her meteoric rise. Revolving around relationships, heartbreak, and girl power, KINGS’ songwriting maintains a focused aim: to inspire and empower others. 

Written and recorded in Nashville nearly all in one day, new single “how to kill me” is moody dark pop at its finest, finding KINGS in her emotive sweet spot. She describes, “I wrote ‘how to kill me’ to open my listeners up to the darker side of what being used by someone sounds and feels like.”

A born performer and songwriter, KINGS has amassed a rabid fan base on social media with a loyal following of 5.1 million on TikTok. With a 2021 focus on original music, it’s apparent those followers are along for the ride, helping to amass Spotify play counts of 1.5 million+ from this year’s releases alone.

The new single comes on the heels of previous 2021 singles “ur a good bye,” “thank me later,” and “skeletons,” which have seen love from outlets like Teen Vogue, Flaunt, &American Songwriter + adds to Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: Pop. “thank me later” alone has garnered 1 million+ Spotify streams. 

Born in smalltown North Carolina, KINGS threw herself into the arts at a young age, playing piano, singing, and studying dance. By age 15, her parents were driving her to/from Nashville every month for songwriting sessions, and in senior year of high school, she and her family moved to Nashville permanently to approach her music career head-on. KINGS describes, “Nashville is an incredible city full of ambitious people. It was so natural for me to be in an environment where everyone is always creating no matter what. It definitely took my drive for music to the next level.”

Sparked by a wave of buzz in 2019 after her mega-viral TikTok amassed over 70 million views, KINGS’ following has skyrocketed. Her videos showcase her raw vocal talent in fun, candid environments and have drawn coverage for outlets like TIME and Today.

Though KINGS is already a viral success, she approaches her burgeoning music career with a humble work ethic and an undying passion for music. As she puts it, “All I have ever wanted to do was connect with others through music, which I really do believe is it’s own language…music can move people in ways that words can’t and my intention is to never stop writing my stories to give to other people.”

Catch KINGS live next in Los Angeles November 11 @ Resident. Tickets here

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