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Mason Hill – Against The Wall – Album Review

On 5th March 2021 Mason Hill – a five piece from East Kilbride – released their debut album, five years in the making.  Like all good rock albums, it mixes the tried and tested with the talents of the band members to make something new, and provides you with plenty of earworms.

Against The Wall is a twelve-track record, with hints of Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars, a little bit of Angels & Airwaves, with some Guns N’ Roses and other harder, older rock influences thrown in for good measure.  The production is good, and tracks the well ordered, allowing for a nice seamless transition (if of course you are listening on a format that allows that) between the first two.  The highs and lows of the music – moving between heavier and more melodic tunes – is well done, and if you’re not someone for listening to an album in its intended order, it’s worth giving it a try with this album.

Whilst there are no bad/lesser songs on the album, I do have favourites – this is likely more due to my penchant for the more melodic – and they are Hold On, Where I Belong, and Who We Are.

Bookended with Reborn, Against The Wall provides you with a good selection of hard and soft rock numbers. So if you’re after some sweet guitar riffs, kickass basslines, drum fills that make you wish you could play or a great melody, this album has something for you.

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