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Meadowlands Festival had a belter for their first year


Friday 3 June 2022
Victoria Embankment, Nottingham


Meadowlands, the new event series from live promoters FKP Scorpio, has a variety of music acts across multiple stages with its sights set on becoming one of the biggest music events to ever take place in the city.

Fans enjoying Meadowlands Festival – Photo Credit: Milly McPhee


          MAINSTAGE                                        STAGE TWO                          BBC MUSIC INTRODUCING

     GERRY CINNAMON                         DYLAN JOHN THOMAS                         MICHAEL ALDAG
          THE KOOKS                                               ZUZU                                      EWAN MAINWOOD
        THE REYTONS                                      DAISY BRAIN                                     VONA VELLA
         BLACK HONEY                                           RATS                                               CATMILK
      THE MYSTERINES                                   OVERPASS                                           MARTY
                                                                                                                               THE ROSADOCS


The Reytons – Photo Credit: Milly McPhee

Meadowlands Festival 2022 was the inaugural year for the festival and yet had star artists of The Kooks and Gerry Cinnamon headlining who attracted a massive crowd, just shy of Twenty Thousand for the single-day event.

Situated on the Victoria embankment in Nottingham, this central location appealed to a huge number of fans with crowds trekking from the city centre and train station on foot. 

Fans enjoy the set from the Reytons at the Meadowlands Festival – Photo Credit: Milly McPhee

Vona Vella opened the festival on the BBC Introducing stage, a Leicestershire based duo, playing their new song ‘Go Outside Forever’ and more from their debut EP before the attention moved to the Mainstage and the Second stage. A wide array of indie bands performed getting the crowd ready for the main attraction, The Reytons were a hit with the crowd bringing banners and smoke grenades which were showcased during the set, alongside fans singing back every word of the songs. 

By sunset, it was time for The Kooks and Gerry Cinnamon’s performances. The Kooks performing indie favourites like ‘Naïve‘ and ‘She moves in her own way ‘were an instant hit for the full field of enthusiastic fans singing, dancing and enjoying the bar facilities throughout the evening. After the Kooks had finished it was time for the final second stage set of Dylan John Thomas before Gerry Cinnamon took to the main stage.


Cinnamon’s set was filled with exciting pyrotechnics from confetti canons to elaborate fireworks set off from the top of the stage keeping the fans captivated for the length of the set aside from the music which had the crowd singing from the top of their lungs. 

This was a stellar festival, especially for the first year, we can expect it to be gaining attraction from artists and fans alike for next year with the promotors aiming to make it even larger with multiple days and even bigger headliners in the years to come. You don’t want to miss it.

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