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Norfolk Rockers release a rockin’ cover of Kiki Dee’s “I’ve Got The Music In Me”

Norfolk rockers Bad Touch have just released a brand new single “I’ve Got the Music In Me,” which is a rocked up homage of Kiki Dee’s 1974 hit single. 

It’s also an anthem for everyone’s who’s still dealing with the lockdown.  Do you still have the music in you?  Bad Touch do, and we hope you do, too.

This legendary and infectious anthem has been remixed for rock radio by Grammy Award winning record producer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Motorhead, Funeral For A Friend). The video was produced and directed by Gun Hill Studios.


                                                            BAD TOUCH


“Bad Touch’s take on Kiki Dee’s 1974 pop classic ‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’ works brilliantly and can expect decent airplay.” – Eastern Daily Press

“A cover of Kiki Dee’s ‘I’ve Got the Music in Me’ is so apt for the here-and-now. Bad Touch’s interpretation of a well-known number is louder, dirtier with raunchy horns adding another layer.” – Bluesdoodles

“‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’ gets a Norfolk makeover with a beautiful finish! If you play this on Radio – do not fade out.Revisiting the lyrics of this classic made me think, maybe we should make this our summer 2020 lockdown anthem?“When something gets in my way, I go round it. Don’t let life get me down!” – Grapevine Live

“‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’ might well be the best rock and roll song we’ve heard all year. Gospel-tinged backing vocals, a horn section and a wonderful turn from the irrepressible Westwood make for a tune that’s as spontaneous as it is spectacular!” – Rush on Rock

“It was a stroke of genius to pair old school style rockers Bad Touch with Kiki Dee’s breakthrough 1974 hit single, the band putting all their youthful energy into one of the best ‘forgotten’ classics of the era.” – Metal Planet Music

“The original version of ‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’ was a ballsy, uptempo stomper but the Norfolk quintet have taken this and turbocharged it into a sexed up and souped-up blast of raw power and all out fun. – Metal Planet Music

Full of bold brass, brilliant female backing vocals and urgency, this adds a real touch of Stax soulfulness into the mix that perfectly complements the guys swaggering rock ‘n’ roll flavour.” – Metal Planet Music

“Bad Touch also manage to squeeze in a stonking rendition of Kiki Dee’s ‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’, which works really well, epitomises this album and the band’s influences loud and clear in the same way that ‘Hard To Handle’ did for The Black Crowes.”8/10, Musicpedia of Metal

Planet Rock Radio – Bad Touch premiere I’ve Got The Music In Me’ video and announce rescheduled April 2021 UK Tour Dates (Thursday June 18)

“There’s even a Kiki Dee cover. ‘I’ve Got the Music In Me’is a brave, unexpected and totally triumphant choice of song. Bad Touch have turned the song inside out, beefed it up, added horns and created a timeless, celebratory stomper. It’s right up there with Gun’s version of Word Up.” – The Midlands Rocks

“You can’t really dislike a band who throw themselves into a cover of Kiki Dee’s ‘I’ve Got TheMusic In Me’ with roc and roll abandon, can you?Five tracks in, it’s a belter of a track, a happy go lucky affair delivered with a big, full sound – hats off to co-producer Nick Brine – and buffed up with the female backing vocals that add some extra gloss to several songs here.” – Blues Enthused

“When I first listened to the album and I heard the opening line of track 5, I thought, “I know this song!” And indeed, I did, as it’s a cover of the old Kiki Dee classic, ‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’. However, what these guys have done with it is astounding! They have injected it with a huge dose of steroidal grit that has turned a pop song into a rock classic! ‘Can You Save Me’ is one of those songs that we can all relate to, an introspective work examining one’s self-doubt and feelings of unfulfilled ambition! Lyrically a wonderful insight into the mind of an artist with great harmonies. – 9/10, Blues Rock Revolution

“The first time I find myself nodding and singing along to is when ‘I’ve Got the Music in Me’ hits my speakers. I’d honestly forgotten all about this song made famous by Kiki Dee back in 1974. I can’t think of a better way to sum up our feelings, if you don’t already know it then you soon will.” – Rockfield Publications

“With thirteen tracks to choose from, including the singles ‘Strut’, and ‘I Get High’, picking any standouts is tough, each track is worthy of a mention based on its own merit. Top of the list has to be the monstrous cover of the Tobias Boshell penned, and The Kiki Dee Band famed ‘I’ve Got the Music In Me’.” – MNPR Magazine

“‘I’ve Got the Music in Me’ a cover of the song originally recorded by the Kiki Dee Band is a nice rocked up take on the 70’s classic that Bad Touch make their own.” – The Rockpit, 9/10

“!‘I’ve Got the Music In Me’ is the next chapter, a band that already could release a greatest hits album of hit-single-quality songs that would sustain quality and tempo through the whole album. Not many rising bands can match this in quite the same way, and in recent years this talent for stand-alone radio songs is how I had come to pigeon-hole the band. Which is why ‘Kiss the Sky’ is a significant development: For me, it really marks the band’s evolution as a rounded album band. – Great Music Stories, 5 Stars

“Does everybody remember the Elton John/Kiki Dee song, ‘I’ve Got the Music In Me’?Well, congratulation to Bad Touch as I have always disliked that song but this version is great. It really rocks in a way I wouldn’t have ever expected it could – again I could imagine it will go down a storm live.” – Rocking Magpie

“‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’, and yes, it is a cover of the Kiki Dee number brought rocking and screaming into the 2020’s with more female backing vocals in the mix and played live and in your face and at max pace with George driving it to places it has never experienced before.”
Rockgig Reviews

“‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’ – doo-wot, a cover of a Kiki Dee?? Well you know what, it works so well, it’s heavier, amped up and just great fun!”Velvet Thunder

“A cover to outshine all covers, I’ve Got The Music In Me the Kiki Dee hit from 1974 is reworked to perfection, it’s a blinding song anyway, but the band certainly stamp their mark on it and we get a contemporary rocked up version.” – Rock Media UK, 5/5

“Upon hearing their souped-up cover of Kiki Dee’s ‘I’ve Got the Music in Me’, you wonder if anyone has ever done the real edge of this song as much justice before, Glendinning and fellow six stringer Daniel Seekings seemingly having an absolute blast as they tear things up. With balls well and truly out, this rocks hard and ratchets up the level of excitement for an album that shows just how well the five members are in sync, the hours spent in vans and playing shows up and down the UK and Europe really paying off.” – Metal Planet Music

“Every song is epic. The Kiki Dee cover ‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’ is simply immense and I can’t wait to hear what she thinks to their interpretation of it.” Metalliville

“‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’ is that song made famous by Kiki Dee back in 1974, but given the Bad Touch treatment and brought forward to the 21st century with a bang. If this doesn’t get you moving, then you must be dead. Again, great backing vocals.” – Two Finger Media 5/5

“If you’re going to have a cover on your album why not make it even more fun than the original: that’s what the guys have done with Kiki Dee’s ‘I’ve Got the Music in Me’. This will get anyone moving and singing along: it has a great female backing and I just know the guys are going to have fun with this live.” – We Bleed Music

“Stevie Westwood lends his vocals to a stellar cover of Kiki Dee’s ‘I Got The Music In Me’with electrifying guitars with a divine use of trumpets. I defy you not to get up on your feet and have an exhilarating boogie to this one (as long of you can safely keep two meters apart from any unsuspecting bystanders).” Jace Media

plus local supports

Tickets via www.badtouchrocks.co.uk/gigs-tours

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, Bad Touch reschedule their nationwide UK tour a second time to April 2021. Tickets that were purchased for previous dates will still be valid for the rescheduled shows. Tickets are available from www.badtouchrocks.co.uk/gigs-tours.

“While we are sorry to move the tour dates a second time, the health and safety of our fans is important to us. We are looking forward to seeing all of you on one of the new dates and to rock out together once again.”
– Bad Touch

The 15-date tour includes their hometown Norwich (Apr 7), Glasgow (Apr 9), Manchester (Apr 12), London (Apr 14) and Cardiff (Apr 19), and many more dates. Special guests will be Midlands rockers PISTON.

The Norwich five-piece’s new album “Kissthe Sky” is out now via Marshall Records. The album was recorded at the iconic Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Wales.

Known for having a reputation as a hard-working band, Bad Touch are looking forward to touring the UK again in 2021.


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