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Silvertwin – Silvertwin – Album Review

On 16th July Silvertwin released their debut album.  This album is a happy blast from the past. Mixing modern lyrics with sounds direct from the ‘70s, this album delivers nostalgia along with its songs that stick in your head.  This ‘70s sound is somewhat reminiscent of Leo Sayer, Gilbert O’Sullivan and their ilk, but with lyrics which make it obvious it wasn’t written then.  I keep trying to put my finger on what exactly it sounds like, and  failing, but this is a good thing – it gives you the familiarity of an old sweater, but which is completely new.

With not a bad song on it, the album combines some slower, more thoughtful songs with those that make you want to get up and dance. The track that sticks in your head most is Take Me On, and  – with the record only being 41 minutes long – you’re happy to let it play again.

If you’re looking for something light and summery to listen to, you can’t go wrong giving Silvertwin a spin.

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