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Spear of Destiny- World Service @ 35- Album review



SPEAR OF DESTINY arose from the ashes of THEATRE OF HATE in 1983 with Kirk Brandon at the helm and a supporting cast that reads like a who’s who of punk, rock and goth glitterati. Their brand of music was the go-to for many a student and purveyors of fine flat top style haircuts. Mr Brandon was himself, a king amongst hairstyle royalty.

“World Service” (the original) was released to much aplomb in 1985 with Rusty Egan on production duties. It was moulded into a pop/rock shape by Mr Egan; a decision that never sat well with Kirk Brandon. He had always harboured the desire to record the album again with it sounding more like the sound he had in his mind all this time. 

35 years later the result of this long held hankering is the release of the new version of “World Service”. Called simply “World Service @ 35” the album has sated the hunger and lifted the weight for SPEAR OF DESTINY and the results are evident in an album of pure musicianship and story telling.

The album opens and closes with some simple piano and everywhere in between is full on raw rock perfection. There are punk vocals and perfect guitars. Heavy drums, pounding bass and an array of other instrumentation that keep you listening for almost an hour; that is great bang for the buck in a time where short sharp pop seems the norm.

Rawness in an album isn’t always good and sometimes gives a low-fi or demo sound. Not on here… this is real and its good. Some of the new pretenders should pay heed.

I highly recommend this latest long player from SoD regardless of your musical preference. 

“WORLD SERVICE @ 35” is available in numerous formats and various packages from the Kirk Brandon website.

Spear of Destiny take the album on an extensive UK tour in September and October next year. 

Another thing of note from SoD is their initiative to support the industry during this period of uncertainty by releasing a limited edition t-shirt, the proceeds of which will go to supporting his band members and support staff. A worthy cause with workers in the arts being particularly hard hit by COVID 19 lockdowns and restrictions.

Details can be found on the Kirk Brandon website.

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