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Stanley Odd celebrate the joys of being loudly and unapologetically yourself in forthcoming single, FUWSH (F**k You We’re Still Here)

Stanley Odd celebrate the joys of being loudly and unapologetically yourself in forthcoming single,

FUWSH (F**k You We’re Still Here)

Scottish hip-hop pioneers Stanley Odd are back with a three-minute ode to the anti-heroes. True to form, FUWSH (produced by Dunt) is a punchy, whip-smart story of fearless individuality from the Edinburgh six-piece who are renowned for shaking up traditional hip-hop values with real-life problems and an unwavering sense of humour.

“Don’t let the whammers get yi’ down – and don’t dwell on the negative,” frontman and established MC Dave Hook spits over a hook-heavy backing. With a profound and self-assured sense of social realism, a ‘stick to your guns’ attitude and enough energy to fill the most formidable of dancefloors, the Odd are back. Ambitious, fresh and unapologetically unusual, the new single only confirms them as one of the most authentic and exciting bands around.

Although known for their phenomenal live shows, the band realised that while we cannot dance together right now, music itself has never been more important. Empowerment, human connection, an escape from reality… whatever we are listening for, music is crucial. In light of this, they will be releasing a brand new single every six weeks – starting with FUWSH.

Artwork for the forthcoming series of releases will be provided by Edinburgh-based illustrator, Matt Sloe. Taking inspiration from the natural world, Matt uses vivid, contrasting colours, and crisp lines, to create art which – like the band – is boundless, bold and inimitable, making for a truly sublime collaboration.

Matt said: “I was delighted to be asked to work with Stanley Odd on their upcoming releases. It’s an exciting project and a great creative brief. The style of work they are looking for is perfect for what I’m exploring at the moment and gives me the opportunity to explore that with further purpose. I just hope that I can bring something visually meaningful to the band’s new releases.”

Described by the band as a “tongue-firmly-in-cheek story of resistance and resilience”, FUWSH is a bold and unflinching testament to the odd times we find ourselves in. To front man Solareye, FUWSH “takes an overcast collection of gathering storm clouds and dances in the rain. All with a lop-sided grin.

“The new single channels a core element of hip-hop, taking a list of negative attributes and turning them into art and poetry; subverting their meaning; making something beautiful out of the darkness. Championing anti-heroes and outcasts.”

This single has been supported by the PPL Momentum Music Fund. PPL Momentum is managed by PRS Foundation, with support from with support from PPL, Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government, Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Invest NI, with additional funding and support from Spotify. Download full info on PPL Momentum Fund here.


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