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The Libertines’ Gary Powell announces NFT with eco-friendly platform Serenade



The Libertines drummer Gary Powell has announced ‘THE INVASION OF…’ his first NFT via eco-friendly NFT platform Serenade.

‘THE INVASION OF…’ sees Powell collaborating with New York visual artist Josh Klaw and veteran Hollywood TV writer Jim Martin to create a unique digital art experience. ‘THE INVASION OF…’ is currently being developed as a graphic novel and animated film that serve as companion pieces to Powell’s debut solo album. There will also be three limited edition NFT GIFs, and three numbered digital prints.

“There is no longer a libretto like brief to read at the back of an album to tell you what you have purchased or how the work was completed and by whom. There’s not even really the physical experience of playing your purchase as for the majority this has been digitised.  I want to take the experience we once cherished and place it into a familiar frame work that is the world we live in now so you can hold something whilst you listen and watch something that ties the whole experience together.” Powell says of ‘The INVASION OF…’

Renaissance man, Powell is a contributing writer for the New York magazine Ubikwist. He hosts his own radio show, DJs around the world, runs his own record label (25 Hour Convenience Store) and is an ambassador for the charity Restore the Music. He has toured with Dirty Pretty Things, The Specials and New York Dolls. He has released three albums with The Libertines – Up The Bracket (2002), The Libertines (2004) and Anthems For Doomed Youth (2015). Powell will be touring the UK with The Libertines in November and December.

Josh Klaw is a multidisciplinary visual artist and filmmaker. After years working for start-ups, big brands, ad agencies and private clients in the multiverse of commercial illustration, storyboarding, cinematography, feature films, fashion photography and influencer content, Mr. Klaw is transiting the portal from analog deliverables into block chain art and crypto culture. His previous clients have included Society 6, Athleta, National Geographic Channel, Merck, Novo Nordisk, Ecos, 3Doodler, Clorox, Temple Run, Dreamworks, Tillamook and Apple. 

Writer Jim Martin is a BAFTA award / BANFF award / Webby Award / PGA Award winning Emerson College graduate who has written for film, television and the Internet. Jim’s first writing were on NBC’s HEROES. Jim wrote and produced HEROES’ web series’ and graphic novels, writing on Season 4 of the show (An episode he titled LET IT BLEED). Between seasons of live action TV, Jim has written episodes of myriad animated series including MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN, Bleacher Report’s CHAMPIONS series, Blizzard/Activision’s Netflix series SKYLANDERS ACADEMY, as well as Hasbro’s MY LITTLE PONY. Jim has also been nominated for an International Emmy and an NAACP award.

About Serenade

Serenade is a ground-breaking new artist/fan-centric music platform, which aims to break down the barriers to entry surrounding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and make them easily accessible and affordable for artists and their fans.

Launched by Australian tech entrepreneur Max Shand, the eco-friendly music-based platform produces 1/44,000th of the carbon emitted by a standard NFT (or 1/10th of the energy usage of a Tweet) through an energy efficient NFT authentication method called ‘Proof of Stake,’ a counterpoint to the standard Ethereum ‘Proof of Work’ method. 

Purchases are made using a Debit/Credit card via Serenade’s check out facility, designed to function as a standard ecommerce site, with the platform handling the creation of a digital wallet and transfer of traditional payments into crypto currency.

Serenade launched in August 2021 with music-related digital collectibles that included unreleased tracks, limited edition artwork and VIP ticketing and experiences. 

Serenade’s Environmental Credentials Explained 

Serenade NFT emits just 1/10th of the carbon of a tweet, which comes to 1/44,000th of the footprint of a normal NFT. We do this through an energy-efficient NFT authentication method called ‘Proof of Stake,’ a counterpoint to the standard Ethereum ‘Proof of Work’ method.

This marked improvement is a result of the Serenade platform being built on top of a layer two blockchain called Matic. Matic has a trusted relationship with Ethereum, which means it doesn’t have to go through the exhaustive process of proving every NFT transaction to the blockchain, but rather achieves this via collective proofs.

Not only does this lead to far better ecological outcomes, but it lowers the cost of creating NFTs so artists can be free to produce more work for their fanbases without bearing any gas fees.

Not sure what an NFT is? An NFT is essentially the same as a physical limited-edition merch item, like vinyl or an artwork, only a digital file. The owner holds the copy of the digital file but not the copyright within it, as they would with a physical item, and they can sell their item at any time to another fan.

“To date, the NFT market has been living in the cryptocurrency world; Serenade is here to shift that, opening up affordable access to NFTs to true fans everywhere with a credit or debit card.”

Serenade is already providing unforgettable moments for music fans across the country. Head over to to see how

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