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The Vibrators – The Singles 1976-2017

Original punks complete singles collection together for the first time on 3 CDs

The Vibrators were formed by Ian “Knox” Carnochan, bassist Pat Collier, guitarist John Ellis and drummer John ‘Eddie’ Edwards in 1976. 25 albums and several line-up changes later, Cherry Red Records have pulled all their single releases together in one box set. The only original member constant throughout these recordings is drummer Edwards. For a lot of the band’s career post Ellis and Knox, they recorded and toured as a three piece.

The early songs were a straight progression from pub rock, part Feelgoods and part Only Ones. They lacked that rougher edge of their punk peers, although their sound developed a heavier feel by the time Pure Mania was released. Perhaps it was the influence of being on Mickie Most’s RAK Label, but there was a lot of synth and saxophone floating around that set them apart from their peers. They did give Stiff Little Fingers their name with the track of the same title, but sonically the two have little in common.

Included are the UK National Chart hit singles ‘Automatic Lover’ (No.35) and ‘Judy Says’ (No.70) plus the Independent Chart hits ‘Gimme Some Lovin’ (No.5), ‘Disco In Mosco’ (No.26), ‘Baby, Baby’ (No.10) and ‘MX America’ (No.17).

Also included as a bonus, are two rare solo 45s by vocalist Knox. Many of the bands later singles have never received a domestic release in the UK and are now expensive and sought after on the Punk collectors’ market. Each single is illustrated in the 28-page booklet which also features detailed liner notes. The band retired from touring in 2022 after nearly 50 years but still record tracks for themed compilations and still feature original members Knox and Eddie.   



1  We Vibrate

2  Whips And Furs

3  Pogo Dancing (with Chris Spedding)

4  The Pose (with Chris Spedding)

5  Bad Time

6  No Heart

7  Baby, Baby

8  Into The Future ….

9  London Girls (Live)

10  Stiff Little Fingers (Live)

11  Automatic Lover

12  Destroy

13  Judy Says (Knock You In The Head)

14  Pure Mania

15  Gimme Some Lovin’

16  Power Cry (Live)

17  Disco In Mosco

18  Take A Chance

19  Baby, Baby (1982)

20  Dragnet

21  Guilty

22  Hang Ten

23  MX America

24  Shadow Love


1  Flying Home

2  Flash Flash Flash

3  Punish Me With Kisses

4  4875

5  Baby Blue Eyes

6  Amphetamine Blue

7  Somnambulist

8  Blown Away By Love

9  The Demolishers

10  Still Not Over You

11  String Him Along

12  Every Day I Die A Little

13  Disco In Mosco (Live)

14  Rip Up The City (Live)

15  Amphetamine Blue (Live)

16  Yeah Yeah Yeah (Live)

17  Halfway To Paradise

18  Drive

19  Rocket Ride To Heaven

20  Fire

21  Troops Of Tomorrow (1992)


1  Destroy (1998)

2  The Girl’s Screwed Up

3  Tired Of Living With You

4  I Hate Xmas

5  I Miss You Most At Christmas

6  Politically Correct

7  The Kid’s A Mess (Live)

8  Automatic Lover (2006)

9  Baby, Baby (2006)

10  New Rose

11  Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

12  Slow Death

13  Get Me A Beer

14  On My Way To Hell

15  Rock `N’ Roll Rescue

16  Public Enemy (2016)

17  Stiff Little Fingers (2016)

18  Restless

19  She’s The One You Need

20  Hound Do

Bonus KNOX Singles

21  Gigolo Aunt

22  Alligator Man

23  She’s So Goodlooking

24  Love Is Burning

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