Twin Atlantic POWER- The Glasgow band release their 5th studio album on 24th January and it doesn’t disappoint


POWER (Virgin EMI)

The Glasgow band release their 5th studio album on 24th January and it doesn’t disappoint.

It sounds big; it sounds very big. Top-notch production on some cracking songs.

Buying this will not only get you 10 songs; it will get you wanting another 10 of the same quality. I’d like to say there is no filler but there are two short instrumental interludes that, while they don’t diminish the quality of the album, don’t really add anything.

A quick overview tells you that there are bass and drums that drive the whole album along at a relentless pace. There is loads of bass; there is bass on top of the bass and then there is some more bass to punch you in the face. A veritable bass fest…

There are, of course, dynamic vocals with a tone that marries the electronics and guitars and carry the listener on a journey that visits Editors, Interpol and The Twilight Sad. The journey doesn’t stop at any of those mentioned stops but, rather, carries on at speed to track 10 and the inevitable desire for a return ticket.

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There are already some good albums released in 2020 and this album isn’t just up there; it can see the top.

A written run-through of the album as a whole would take too long as every track is worthy of mention but to tease you there are some points that are of particular note…

Oh! Euphoria

A fantastic opening track that gives us our first taste of the delicious mix and some nice stereo effects and filter drops. Uptempo with an amazing bass sound.


Fans of the band will already know this one – it’s glitchy in parts and barren in others but most of all it’s anthemic.

Ultraviolet Truth

With it’s industrial-sounding opening the vocals break out and have you wondering if Dave Gahan has a Scottish brother. They are more than reminiscent of Mr Gahan in his Soulsavers mode and that is a good thing. Deep brooding and magnificent they are superb and, for me at least, make this simplistic song a stunner.


Still, no letup in the quality and a bass guitar emphasises this one to the chorus that will be a fans favourite in a live setting. The chorus is served up for singing and shouting at the top of your already strained voices in a heaving venue

Praise Me

The last track arrives and you are hoping it’s a good one to finish. Well, It’s not a good one. It’s a great one! Another huge mix of synthetic and traditional instrumentation with a hint of pan pipes; yes you read that right! This track is AMAZING!!

Let’s leave it at that – Just buy the album, go see them live, tell your friends and rejoice in TWIN ATLANTIC!!

Buy the album POWER

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