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Twisted – Joseph McCann


It is said that everyone has a book in them, a story. In the case of Joseph McCann there are several books.

His books are intrinsically linked to the living musical legend that is Gary Numan. They contain many references to the music and lyrics of Mr Numan. That’s not to say McCann plagiarises or, in any way, steals his work; instead, he moulds the references in his own dark mind to take the reader to his own version of Hell.

‘Twisted’ is the third book in the Numan-inspired / McCann imagined world of machines, pain and sci-fi terror. The previous two, The Replican’ and ‘New Man Becoming the Replican’ were best sellers and this latest volume will definitely continue the success.

One does not necessarily need to be a fan of the music of Gary Numan to lose themselves in a McCann book; his work stands on its own deviant merits. If happen to be a fan of the Godfather of synth then the references are (mostly) obvious.

The moment you pick up this hardback book you are left with no doubt as to where this journey is going to take you. A book cover can often be used to draw you in and the content thereafter leaves you disappointed. I can guarantee that this is not the case with ‘Twisted’; the content is as scary and evil as the cover!

Unlike the novels of the first two publications, ‘Twisted’ is a collection of thirteen short stories all of which are frighteningly dark and spine-tingling. The hairs on the back of your neck WILL stand on end!

The first story is entitled ‘Zero Bars’… you are immediately drawn into a depraved world where the machines are playing kill by numbers in a post-apocalyptic world. The reader can smell and taste the graphic scene laid out in front of them in a disturbing entrancement that you want to leave but, in this world, you can’t… permission to enter, once granted, cannot be rescinded.

The macabre stories continue and, thankfully, the quality doesn’t wane. In actual fact, it’s very difficult to put the book down which is somewhat unusual in a volume of short stories. The very nature of a compendium of short stories gives the reader defined breakpoints; be prepared to ignore that notion as you will not want to lay this book to one side.

The review has been deliberately left short and, somewhat, vague so as not to spoil or alert. Suffice to say that blockbuster is dark, scary and evil; it’s sci-fi with a warped persona. It will hack at your very soul. Do NOT read before bedtime!

Jospeh McCann… PCN Magazine salutes your twisted mind.

As with his first two releases ‘Twisted’ has been placed front and centre in all Waterstones book stores.

‘Twisted’, ‘The Replican’ and ‘New Man Becoming the Replican’ can be found at Waterstones and other good book shops.

They can also be found on Joseph McCann’s Facebook page along with other interesting information on the author.


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