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UPPER LIP Signs With PRIDE & JOY MUSIC, Readies Release Of Debut Album ‘DEEP WITHIN’ dropping 21.5.21

With New Music Video For "KEEP GOING"

German heavy metal/hard rock label PRIDE & JOY MUSIC is happy to announce the signing of the Maltese hard rock group UPPER LIP! Hailing from Gozo (the land of the Megalithic Temples in the heart of the Maltese Archipelago Islands), UPPER LIP spurs nostalgic, groovy hard rock music with a passion to its genre! Their main influences derive from the splendid nature surrounding the beautiful Island and Rock acts such as Rush, AC/DC, Rory Gallagher to the Smiths, Captain Beyond, and even Waylon Jennings

Since their inception in 2013, Upper Lip has played several gigs and festivals on the Islands to a very warm welcome from the rock music fans which swiftly translate to more gig invitations. Fast-forward to 2019, the band embarked on a massive project to work on their first studio album. The recordings took place at Temple Studios (where the likes of Rammstein, Philip Boa, Mike Hedges, and Siouxsie and the Banshees had previously worked). 

UPPER LIP recorded 11 original tracks which portrays the groove and live energy that the band is so much noted for. The album entitled ‘DEEP WITHIN’ will be released world-wide on May 21st, 2021 via PRIDE & JOY MUSIC, and a music video for the standout track, “Keep Going,” can be seen below.

The band also has offered insight into each of the albums tracks: 

1. Keep Going – The first track on the album ‘Deep Within’. Starts with an energetic raunchy guitar riff and proceeds with the blistering raw vocal verses and the catchy chorus (“Let’s keep going on“). The lyrics speak about the spur of the moment, the electric connection between two people with all its ups and downs. 

2. Marble Arch – A deep and personal song that focuses on the pain that is left behind when things go awry. The bridge and the melodious guitar solos lift the song and paint this picture of love gone by.  

3. Skinny Jeans – The Zeppelinesque inspired riff, sets the mood for some old-fashioned blistering rock ‘n’ roll.  The song has a good time feel, typical of a crazy Saturday night out!   

4. Eyes On Fire – The song speaks about the magic of a rock ‘n’ roll show and the crazy people that sometimes are present. In this case a particular girl who with a kind of sinister stare. She surely enjoyed the show it was as if her eyes were literally on fire! 

5. What Makes You Smile‘What makes you smile’ is a ballad that makes you reflect about moments in our life which are difficult and troublesome. It is also a song which gives hope and courage. Indeed the song takes two perspectives one that reflects on loneliness, “When you feel the pain inside, When you’re lonesome feeling angry” and the other that encourages us to take comfort in things which help us lift our spirits and that we should hang on when life becomes unbearable. 

6. Deep Within (Instrumental) – The instrumental track situated right in the middle of the album! Is a guitar oriented track that started by an improvised guitar riff between songs during one particular concert. People loved it and it became a staple anthem during our shows. 

7. Mirrors & Masks – The punkish vibe portrayed in this song reflects on some of the down sides of human nature, namely on people who wear a mask, who lie and who deceive and end up driving other people mad.  

8. Hide – Another ballad within the album. Hide is an emotional song that reflects on the connection between two people who deeply care about each other, yet destiny brought them apart. 

9. Be Free – Be Free is reminiscent of some of the 80’s anthemic rock songs. It is about moving on, being free from the things that drag you down. Thus, the motivational lyrics give a sense of hope and encouragement.  

10. Desert Song – This song is a tribute to the Rock music legends of the past who still survive in the songs we write and in the music we play. Despite the current lack of appreciation (desert) that sometimes our genre faces it will still keep going strong. 

11. Never Lose Hope – The longest and the final track of the album. The song is a sort of journey which ripples through time. Its long harmonious guitar solos evoke this sense of forlorn yet also create a sense of hope and courage.   

To order, download and stream the new ‘Deep Within,’ please visit: UPPER LIP consists of Chris Portelli (vocals), Joseph Azzopardi (lead guitars and main songwriter), Paul Cini (rhythm guitar), Marcel Paul Grima (bass guitar), and Silvio Cini (drums).

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