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Video Releases – April 2021

OYLSNetflix (Your Product is Too Good) Starring Danny Trejo

Featuring actor Danny Trejo in a very humanizing role: a lost soul binging Netflix late at night in a motel – with snacks, naturally.

With the hopes to destigmatize mental illness, the band shares, “The song is really about how we cope with our negative feelings, whether they stem from the stress of our daily lives, mental illness, or uncertainty about the world.”

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Taken from the newly released EP Wide Eyed Elk Emsemble.

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CHLOE FOY – Shining Star

Taken from her forthcoming album, Shining Star, is about finding comfort in those around us we love in difficult times.

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Recorded at St John’s Church, Hackney, the video features Theo and Callum Lury, two-thirds of The Blue Highways, with just an acoustic guitar and their harmonies. Tonight, whilst previously unreleased song, has been played at some of their gigs.

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