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Vukovi receive homecoming ovation

Vukovi tour finale in their home(ish) town

SWG3 – GLASGOW 30th October 2022

Vukovi are on the up and up; more exposure, and bigger crowds in bigger venues to accompany the cracking tunes. Tonight they return to their spiritual hometown of Glasgow to finish a successful UK tour. The Ayrshire band has been receiving glowing accolades and tonight they hope to showcase this to a respectably sized crowd in the fantastic SWG3 venue.

As the doors open at 7 pm the fans are already queuing in the inevitable Glasgow rain and the ever-friendly SWG3 door staff is getting the fans into the venue as quickly as they can to take shelter.

On entering the venue it’s evident that the smoke machine will play a huge part in tonight’s proceedings as it goes into overdrive to obscure the stage and the punters in the front rows! A huge bright red banner adorns the back wall of the stage and proclaims tonight’s main band – Vukovi – are in the house!

To kick off proceedings we are treated to the support act and, as it turned out, it was a treat. Zand is a solo act with a special line in stage attire. Scantily clad and resplendent in fish nets and tattoos Zand sang to the backing track on a laptop and led the crowd through a very impressive and enjoyable set. The stage craft was a joy to behold and headline shows can’t be far away. If a word of advice can be offered it would be to put the laptop further back in the stage; it was placed at the front of the stage and stifled some of their movement and cluttered the vista. Zand is at a stage in the musical journey where presentation counts more than it really should…

Photo Credit: John Brown

As the countdown to Vukovi continues the crowd grows towards sell-out level and the excitement is now palpable. The number of photographers also grows to an impressive number as if to indicate the growing clamour surrounding Vukovi.

At 8:40 the house finally dims and the intro backing track is met with a huge roar and the obligatory Glasgow chant of “here we, here we, here we f*****g go!” and the band takes to the stage.

Photo Credit: John Brown

Vukovi go straight into hyperdrive with “Lasso” and the crowd are good to go straight from the off… you just know this is going to be good! Lead vocalist Janine slithers, prances, wiggles and dances as she commands the stage and the audience with her every move and word. The Kilwinning-based band have every intention of embracing the night to its fullest.

The band absolutely storms through the set despite an early scare when Janine appeared to be struggling with her vocals as she appeared to lose some power in her voice; this was short-lived as she came roaring back and even had time to “encourage” the crowd to be a bit louder and mentaller (this is definitely a word!)

Vukovi showed the watching world that they can make big waves on the sea of music; they are a bit different despite sounding familiar, and they are a bit rock n roll despite their pop sensibilities. Technically and sonically very impressive with just the right amount of Janine front and centre. Without going into the many reasons why females too often get a hard time in the music business; Janine and Vukovi have absolutely nailed it.

Photo Credit John Brown

Oh… the crowd surfing was epic despite posters all over the venue warning of expulsion if caught partaking. As far as could be seen, it was dealt with by the stewarding staff in a friendly and professional manner. The staff at SWG3 seem to have created a fantastic atmosphere for live music and long may it continue.


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