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Sigrid Tour Cardiff

Sigrid/Tommy Lefoy

Cardiff University Student’s Union

Saturday 5th November 2022

Early in 2022 Sigrid was in the UK on a whistle-stop tour to promote her new album “How to let Go” which was released in May 2022 it was a stripped-down acoustic set of shows and she promised to come back later in the year with a full show.

photo credit Martin Smith

It’s now November and as promised the pop starlet has returned to our shores with her band. Tonight see’s the tour land in Wales on bonfire night and the fireworks are about to go off at The Cardiff University Students Union which is a great choice of venue as the age range was well suited.

As 9 o’clock approaches the crowd of mainly teenagers to mid 20’s starts to get excited and whistles and cheers ring out loud as figures can be seen walking onto the dimly lit stage against a black and white swirling circle backdrop suddenly the lights blaze and Sigrid walks into the lights dressed in a sparkly red and silver vest top and dark casual blue jeans and her long dark hair up in a platted ponytail.

“Hello, Cardiff,” she screams and the cheers from the audience ring out I’m back she proclaims as the band start to play” It get’s Dark “the first song from the new album and the audience react with warmth and sing along.As song two starts streamers erupt from canons on the front of the stage much to the audiences delight and “Burning Bridges” begins another song from the new CD.

Song 4 see’s Sigrid return to “Sucker Punch” which is obviously a fave of the bouncing crowd as they sing the lyrics back to her which Sigrid enjoys. ”Head on Fire” follows this was co-written with the singer Griff and this is another one the crowd enjoy.

A nice mixture of both old and new songs with “High Five” and “Plot Twist” getting good reactions the biggest sing a long was saved for “Strangers” which was the first song from her debut album and the one that launched her into the charts and this see’s everyone in fine voice Sigrid announces that this is the final song and thanks the crowd for coming out to see them and the band leave the stage to whoops and cheers and cries of “SIGRID SIGRID”. A few minutes later they return to the stage for a 3 song encore and Sigrid has a beaming smile on her face and introduces “Grow” a slower song from the second album and the crowd sway and sing.

The final song of a good length set ends with “Mirrors” which see’s a burst of confetti on the last chorus which gets a great reaction as the multi-coloured little pieces fall onto the crowd. Its been a wonderful night until next time thank you Cardiff and they leave the stage for the final time

It’s safe to say by the smiles on the faces of the leaving crowd I think they have all been entertained.

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