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Winona Fighter sign to Rise Records and announce new single “I’m In The Market To Please No-one”

Punk trio show there is more to Nashville than jazz and blues!

Punk rock act Winona Fighter have announced that they’ve signed with Rise Records. Alongside the announcement, the band has shared their new single and music video, “I’m In The Market To Please No One”, an empowering punk rock anthem is all about standing up for yourself and no longer tolerating toxic relationships. The song first premiered on earlier this week on BBC Radio One Rock Show. Fans can stream it now, here and check out the video here.

Cutting her teeth in the Boston punk scene, lead singer Chloe Kinnon moved to Nashville, a city not usually associated with punk rock, on a mission to expose all music lovers to the power of thrashable tunes. After recruiting lead guitarist Dan Fuson, they set off to energise their local scene before eventually adding Austin Luther (bass/producer) to the family. Their live shows are renowned for being both powerful and a safe space, “where all the bullshit and ego is left at the door – everyone is welcome, equal and needs to get on their fucking feet!”

On the subject of the new single, which is a Paramore/Bombpops type of punk that Americans do so well, it touches on toxic relationships and is a very angry affair which comes from the heart. Chloe takes up the narrative, “It doesn’t take a genius to hear that ‘I’m In The Market To Please No One’ came from a place of anger. However, it means so much more than that. I had recently found an unsent letter to a boy I had known in college, the type of boy you wish you had never met. In this letter, I sounded so powerless. It made me feel gross, but it also made me realize I have the opportunity to get how I really feel, after years of growth, all out on paper. Thus ‘I’m In The Market was born. I want people to be able to scream this song, mosh to this song, feel like they can gain control of their narrative.” Be interesting to know how that boy is feeling today, knowing he’s inspired a killer tune, but for all the wrong reasons!

And on the video, “although the song is about a pretty serious subject matter we wanted to give it an energetic backbone to make the topic behind it easier to openly talk about. We thought why not do the same with the music video? Instead of creating something serious and solemn, we decided to run with the theme of feeling like a crazy person in narcissistic situations. We channeled the anger and frustration that comes with that as well as the relief felt when you finally open up to those around you. Between absolutely scarring a fake therapist and thrashing around a dirty old bedroom set, there wasn’t a moment of shooting we didn’t enjoy. We are so excited for everyone to go through the rollercoaster of emotions with us when watching.”

The band head off next week to play Texas’s SXSW Music Festival in Austin, for a number of showcase performances, and it is hoped that they will subsequently make it to the UK and Europe late this year.

“I’m In The Market To Please No One” is out now and available to stream here on the usual platforms.

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