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A triptych of musical marvel as the Worlds Collide tour hits Glasgow

Evanescence top off a magical night of music

Evanescence and Within Temptation (and Veridia) – OVO Hydro, Glasgow – 17th November

The Worlds Collide tour finally hits Glasgow after previous Covid hit attempts had failed and Evanescence / Within Temptation gets to play to an adoring Glasgow audience at last… they also brought Veridia along with them.

The venue doors opened at 6 pm to accommodate the three bands and by 7 pm there was a more than respectable number of fans within the arena to welcome the opening band – Veridia. The Nashville-based band have played some pretty big shows so the massive arena didn’t phase them; in fact, they revelled in it.

Denna Jacoub may be petite but what a punch she packed as she tore around the stage with a huge voice that roared from her diminutive frame. Most of the set was up-tempo but there was a huge surprise for the crowd who had turned up early as Amy Lee of Evanescence joined the band on stage to play piano and accompany Denna on vocals on a more ballad-like number. Veridia absolutely killed it!!



Part two of the musical trilogy wasn’t long in revealing itself as the Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation took to the stage and what a stage it was! The stage set was now in full sight having been covered whilst Veridia were rocking the OVO Hydro and now the lights and stage props were a sight to behold. Sharon den Adel was initially hidden behind a massive moving stage prop as the rest of the band played the intro to the first song. As Sharon was slowly revealed to the crowd the welcoming roar was huge!


From the first note till the last, Within Temptation showed why they are so highly regarded and the dual headliner tour made sense. Masterful musicianship and flawless vocals combined with a massive wall of sound must’ve put this up alongside the best shows this huge arena had witnessed. There was a genuine delight on the faces of the band members as the ovation from the Glasgow crowd was mixed with a collective sigh of relief that the tour had eventually reached their city. Within Temptation were simply outstanding.

As the majority of the audience members seemed to leave the arena to make use of the facilities the crew went hard at work to make the stage ready for the final band of the evening whilst the ear-pleasing sounds of Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails were playing in the background.


The start time of 9:45 pm finally arrived and Evanescence made their long-anticipated appearance to an ear-shredding welcome from a hyped-up crowd. We were about to see if the long wait had been worth it; Veridia and Within Temptation had nailed it.

Could part three be as good as the first two parts? Could they possibly put a cherry on top of this three-layer cake?


Amy Lee and friends were not about to be the weak link in this trilogy as they burst into “Broken Pieces Shine” and the third piece of the trichotomy slid into place. Amy Lee pranced, slid, and leapt about the stage like a woman possessed as she commanded the attention of, and admiration from, the crowd. The stage set was simple but effective in complimenting the band; the sound was absolutely stunning… this was a masterpiece of a show. The big hits got the usual and expected acclaim from the crowd but every note or chord was worthy of the applause it received.

PHOTO GALLERY – Evanescence – John Brown

Credit has to be given to all involved in putting this show together as it was up there with the best overall package; it’s not often paying customers to get three bands but having three bands all on top form at the same event is very special. That neatly sums up the night… very special.







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