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Black Honey “Written and Directed” Album Review

“I made this record for young women to feel invincible.”
Izzy B. Phillips, Black Honey

Full throttle, Hedonistic, Bad-ass Music at its very best.

Written and Directed“, Black Honey’s second album is released on Foxfive records on 19th March.  Following on from the runaway success of their Self-titled debut album in 2018, this is the eagerly-anticipated next instalment in the band’s journey to becoming one of UK Indie’s most singular outfits. The Brighton-based 4 piece formed in 2014 have, in a short period, toured the world, released a top 40 album, smashed Glastonbury and supported Queens of the Stone age, all without compromising the wild, wicked vision they have set for themselves. 

Written and Directed” plants a flag in the ground for strong, world-conquering women – As fierce Frontwoman Izzy B Phillips states “I made this record for young women to feel invincible.” – and it is safe to say this album achieves its aim very well.  Exploring everything from Womanhood to identity and power, the album revels in the rich history of pop culture but still stands out as a unique collection of songs.

From the anthemic “Believer” to the more reflective “I Do it to Myself” this album delights at every turn.  It is brash, fresh and very distinctive, full of texture and assured touches that bring the songs to life.  Pounding rhythms abound, particularly on “I Like the Way You Die”, latest single “Disinfect” and “Run for Cover”, complete with buzzy riffs and squally guitars on “Run for Cover”, whilst the addition of Brass on “Beaches” and “Fire” give them a celebratory, uplifting feel,  contrasting the lyrics which are definitely darker, spoken from the heart of a strong-minded woman who will not accept the status quo (and why the hell should she?). 

Black Honey by Laura Allard-Fleischl

It is very hard to pick a highlight from this album.  Every track is a strong demonstration of the fiery spirit of Black Honey, their give-no-quarter, take-no-prisoners approach to music and the story that Izzy wants to convey.  At the same time, “Written and Directed” is a very listenable, accessible album, with plenty of variety built around their very distinctive style.  “Written and Directed” is going to feature in a lot of album of the year lists and rightly so.  This is full-throttle, hedonisitic, bad-ass music at its very best. 

Black Honey are: Izzy B Phillips (Vocals/Guitar), Chris Ostler (Guitars), Tommy Taylor (bass) Alex Woodward (Drums)

Written and Directed” is released on 19th March on Foxfive Records. Pre-order HERE

Track Listing
1. I Like the Way you Die
2. Run For Cover
3. Beaches
4. Back of the Bar
5. Believer
6. I Do it to Myself
7. Disinfect
8. Summer ’92
9. Fire
10. Gabrielle

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