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CHERIDOMINGO Releases New Single “Swallow”

Check out the latest single “Swallow” from Inland Empire’s alt rock four-piece Cheridomingo. “Swallow” is all about how we can sometimes express anger and distress in an immature way and how destructive that can ultimately be. The single features punchy bass, soaring vocals and gritty guitar riffs that culminate into a melodic pop punk chorus.  

Cheridomingo is known for creating a dedicated community of fans with the ultimate goal of inclusion, compassion and relief of suffering. The band has received acclaim from Billboard and KROQ, among others.

Cheridomingo is a four piece alt rock band from Simi Valley, CA. The band was started by longtime friends, and cousins Anthony Avina, Alex Gonzalez, Adam Dobrucki and Chrys Kaplan with a goal of writing music that gave them the same goosebumps they’d experience when listening to their favorite bands. They’ve since continued to convey their feelings and sense of togetherness through their music and performances to a growing audience.


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