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Dan D’Lion announces next EP, ‘Fruition’, with new track ‘Peachy’

Dan D’Lion announces next EP, ‘Fruition’, with new track ‘Peachy’
Featuring latest single, ‘Need You Right Now’ (ft. Channel Tres)

‘Fruition’ released on May 7th via Insanity Records / Sony Music

A real find…limber electro-soul, all lugubrious vocals and Prince-like skittishness” Sunday Times 
“Never predictable, never less than thrilling” DIY
“Mesmerising alt-pop” Wonderland
“Magnificent…packed with refreshing ideas” COLORS
“Dan D’Lion is the soul and sound to watch” NotionDan D’Lion has today announced details of a brand new EP, ‘Fruition’, which will be released on Insanity Records on May 7th.

The project is launched alongside the playful track ‘Peachy’ today, and includes acclaimed latest single ‘Need You Right’ now (featuring Compton-born prodigy Channel Tres) and introductory banger ‘Apple Juice’ (with French dance legend Feder). The collaborative-theme of ‘Fruition’ continues today with ‘Peachy’, which Dan made with long-term partner-in-crime Patrick James Pearson. “This song is an explosion of how sweet I was feeling when I wrote it with my co-writer PJP. ‘Peachy’ is my way of saying I’m feeling myself! Maybe it’s a fruity phase… I don’t know what it is.”

Listen to ‘Peachy’ HERE

‘Fruition’ marks an experimental and eclectic new phase for Dan D’Lion, a multi-hyphenated artist, producer and songwriter intent on broadening his horizons: even when locked down, as the yearning intimacy of ‘Need You Right Now’ captured. It’s an exploratory spirit that’s arguably been there from his upbringing in Reading, where Dan’s futuristic, alternative-pop sound first took shape. Born to a jazz drummer dad and a record collection full of soul from his mum, Dan grew up encouraged “to make as much of a racket as I could” (he also naturally gravitated towards the local legacy of rock, and idolised Rage Against The Machine) Skipping university to move to London and pursue a career in music, Dan D’Lion has since honed a vivid musical imagination; surging between Neptunes-worthy, pitch-shifted pop, sinuous R&B, and glittering, Jai Paul-esque funk.

There is, too, more than Dan D’Lion than meets the eye. As evidenced in his choice of pseudonym, Dan’s work often explores the relationship between emotional vulnerability and strength, particularly in the context of modern masculinity. Working multiple jobs to make ends meet, his own struggle to blend into the crowd found a cathartic outlet in early tracks like ‘Simmer Down’, which was written in response to being mugged (and a more generational sense of anger, fear, and paranoia). Last year’s mixtape ‘When One Thing Leads To Another’ proved a vivid soundtrack about what you learn about yourself, as you navigate a new relationship. On his upcoming, collaboration-focused EP ‘Fruition’, he continues that process of letting others in, and opening up. The results are off-kilter, colourful, and confirm Dan D’Lion as one of UK pop’s modern outliers.

Listen to ‘Peachy’ HERE
Watch ‘Need You Right Now’ HERE / Listen HERE

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