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If you’ve never heard of DMA’s then, firstly, where have you been? Secondly, they are not from Manchester! Yes, you read that correctly. DMA’s may have given more than a passing nod to the better known Manchester bands when they first made an assault on the music biz but with ‘The Glow’ they have expanded that sound, tweaked it and, in a number of the tracks, they have bettered it.  Existing fans might baulk at the idea of messing with a winning formula but fear not; there is plenty of the familiar sound to whet and satisfy your appetite and, as if to quell any fears, the album opens with some 90’s vibe vocals lathered in reverb.

The lads have previously tinkered in the synthetic and electro sound department and ‘The Glow’ takes that just a tad further with some nice incidental electronics helping to build the wall of sound in a number of the tracks.

As if to underline their obvious attraction to dance elements track four hits us with a nice synth and drum machine intro before a NEW ORDER type bass cuts through a dance styled tune that remixers could have a field day with and a live version will have the lads and lassies ‘mad for it’ in sweaty venues (if we ever see a return of live music). Tunes such as this are evidence of why all music lovers should be supporting their local venues once C-19 is consigned to the dustbin.

Everything you expect and more is present on ‘The Glow’. Sure, loads of influences appear throughout the album but to give them more than a passing acknowledgement would be wrong; this is truly DMA’s finding their own way in a saturated market.

There is almost a continual wall of sound from start to finish; the occasional stripped out number breaks it up nicely and peaks the interest till the end. Track seven benefits from a basic piano and vocals intro; the opportunity to hear each of the components of the song is welcome as the wall of sound approach sometimes, masks the song to the detriment of the overall sound.

It’s a good album overall but not great. There is a wash of reverb used on every track and it overwhelms the songs as a whole. The vocals get lost on at least a couple of tracks and could have benefitted from more space in the mix. These are, of course, small details observed by one reviewer and, in the grand scheme of DMA’s world are of little consequence. For fear of sweeping generalisations, the majority of DMA’s fans couldn’t care less about a wee bit too much reverb. They want to get ‘The Glow’ on the iPod* and blast it till their ears bleed; they want to get in the front row of their chosen venue and jump around in the heavy, lager soaked atmosphere of a DMA’s gig..

Oh, in case you were wondering…DMA’s are from Australia.

* iPod – other digital music players are available.



The album is available to purchase on CD, download and heavyweight black vinyl as well as limited edition heavyweight tricolour vinyl through HMV and independent record stores. There will also be exclusive merchandise bundles with signed prints plus limited-edition heavyweight transparent green vinyl and cassette when purchased through the band’s store at:


  • Never Before
  • The Glow
  • Silver
  • Life Is a Game of Changing
  • Criminals
  • Strangers
  • Learning Alive
  • Hello Girlfriend
  • Appointment
  • Round & Around
  • Cobracaine




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