Hooson Maguire bring us a Brighter Day with their Debut Single


Hooson Maguire has just released their debut single “Brighter Day”, an uplifting Feel-good song that aims to give you a Brighter Day, available directly from the band on Bandcamp or from the usual streaming/download sites.  Husband-and-wife team Jenna Hooson (Vocals) and Paddy Maguire (Guitars) form the nucleus of the band with Jamie Mallender on Bass and Tim Gillespie on Drums.  Hooson Maguire have been around for a while in various guises on the Blues/Rock circuit, but this is their first venture into recording, and what a time to choose to do it!

Recorded in Lockdown with each band member recording their own part and passing them on to legendary producer, John Verity for mixing and mastering.  The well-produced song features Jenna’s raunchy, soul-filled vocal over Paddy’s radical guitar, underpinned by the rhythm section of Jamie and Tim and ticks along at a pace that will get feet tapping, hands clapping and heads nodding and smiling along.

The band sing This Life’s for Living/to be the best us we can be/So Don’t sit down in silence/Sing out loud and bring me a brighter day, and it is hard to argue with them in this hope-filled rocker of an anthem.

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