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INTRODUCING: Henjila releases her debut single, ‘Paper Boy’ (Coldpress/Locomotion)



Today, new rising star Henjila shares her debut single ‘Paper Boy’, her first offering via Coldpress/Locomotion (Yungblud, Wargasm). With an instant hook and built around a gently-strummed ukulele, ‘Paper Boy’ gradually spirals upwards into a big yacht-rock guitar solo. Explaining the personal resonance of the song, Henjila explains “‘Paper Boy’ is about a girl who’s in a relationship with a boy with severe insecurities and anxiety disorders. He is as fragile as paper. She struggles to help him and tries her best to uplift his low mental state, as well as making mistakes, learning new things and loving him. It is a song I wrote about my first love.”

Listen to ‘Paper Boy’ here

Nineteen-year-old Henjila grew up in the small Berkshire town of Sandhurst, just around the corner from the British Army barracks. Her parents emigrated from Nepal to Britain when Henjila was a baby – her father had joined the British Army from Nepal at the age of seventeen. Henjila grew up inspired by the power and strength in femininity – Disney princesses as well as Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Lily Allen, Corrine Bailey Rae and TLC – all of which she’d play on her Hello Kitty cassette player. A DIY cover of ‘Moonriver’ caught the attention of her manager and of Locomotion, setting her up for an incredibly exciting 2021. Her debut EP, due this summer, will cement Henjila as one of the most exciting new bedroom pop artists to watch in 2021.

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