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RELEASE DATE – 31st July

It’s Dark; it’s brooding; it’s unmistakably THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS!!

The Furs, as they are affectionately known, have been around for enough time to make them masters of their art. They actually could have been ‘The Boy(s) Who Invented Rock & Roll’ as the title of the opening track of their latest album professes.

Photo Credit – Matthew Reeves

Anyone who has heard The Furs will recognise the songs on the new album as though they were old friends. The sound is unmistakable; it’s a formula that works and one that has brought great success to the band since forever. They don’t change it, they update it.

They tinker and twist to give the fans what they want and what they know but they do it in such a way as to keep it fresh for the uninitiated.

The first track is deliberately immediate in order to hook you in and you are given BOWIE – Esque vocals delivered over a wall of sound full of guitars, synths, sax, and punchy drums. There are filter sweeps and squelchy noises to test out your speakers should you listen to the upper ranges of your amp’s volume… and you should.

The album as whole showcases some amazing drums mixed as they were back in the day (the correct way) with separation of all the individual drums and a proper spread of cymbals and toms. The new way seems to be a narrow field of drums and percussion; almost mono. Sit back and listen to drum mix on this through good headphones or decent speakers – you won’t be disappointed.

This album is no 80’s throwback though; it is relevant and the Butler boys show us they still have it. The thing with THE FURS is that when they keep things simple in their songwriting it is, inevitably, amongst their best work and this album is no different. There are a couple of tracks that are simple but huge. There is a smorgasbord of sound on offer from 80’s style goth to folk sounding ballad. There is a MORRISSEY vibe happening in a couple of tracks whilst one track reminds me of something from ‘The Hurting’ by TEARS FOR FEARS.




Made Of Rain’ is available on CD, Double Gatefold vinyl in limited splatter and colour variants as well as exclusive formats and autographed options via the Official Store.

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