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Singer-songwriter Steeljoy announces empowering new album All Us On Fire and shares new single

Singer-songwriter Steeljoy announces empowering new album All Us On Fire and shares new single

Available from April 25 2024, the defiant yet hopeful new collection of music includes new single Both And which is out now 



Single – out now – Both And – Stream + Buy

Single – 28th March – Dá Rachaidh Mé

Album – 25th April – All Us On Fire

Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Steeljoy has announced the release date for her new album, All Us On Fire, a reflective body of work that explores the intersectional issues of misogyny, gender, class, ethnic biases, discrimination and more.

Released Thursday, April 25 2024, the album’s nine tracks have been built around a common theme of a widely shared anger at the state of the world, fuelled by the lack of representation and empathy shown for women, non-binary, LGBTQIA+ and marginalised persons within society, as well as ever-present concerns on climate change and our impact on the environment. 

Sharing a frustrated yet hopeful message, Steeljoy – who also writes, records and releases music under her real name, Jen O’Brien – hopes the new collection of songs will encourage listeners to harness their own “fire for change” and call for an end to the so-called status quo.

“All Us on Fire is a reflection of a general frustration with the world at the moment,” explained Steeljoy, whose stage name for this project represents resilience and strong-mindedness, while also seeing the joy in life. “Misogyny, stereotypes, biases, judgement and discrimination affect everyone in different ways, and while the world may be burning through our own self-destruction, we can all find and harness our own inner fire and hope, resilience and resistance. That’s exactly what this album is all about, and I hope listeners will be inspired to fight for change.”

Out today 29th February,, the new single from the album will be Both And, which Steeljoy describes as a “joyous exploration and rejection of the binary”. Strong, powerful and uplifting, the song was written during the Be Radical Make Music online retreat, backed by Music Broth’s #ShiftThePower programme, which supports women and non-binary musical creatives. 

Steeljoy explained: “I took the term Both And from the book, Life Isn’t Binary: On Being Both, Beyond, and In-Between by Meg-John Barker and Alex Iantaffi. However, I expanded the term in my wider context to include not fitting within societal prescribed boxes and identifying across binaries, including neurodivergency, health, nationality, intro/extraversion, and gender roles.”

The following single, released Thursday, March 28 2024, will be Dá Rachaidh Mé, which loosely translates to “If I (Were To) Go”. Showcasing Steeljoy’s bilingual talent for beautifully interweaving Irish throughout her work, the song explores the sadness, confusion, doubt and regret that can arise when thinking about leaving a toxic relationship. 

“The chorus line, ‘As ár mheabhair le chéile, ‘s in ár n-aonar i bhfad’, loosely translates as ‘Out of our minds together, and always alone’, which I think really conveys the aloneness you can feel in a relationship or situation,” explained Steeljoy. “The song also has a dual meaning, as it explores straddling two cultures but not really ‘fitting in’ with either. I was born in Ireland but haven’t lived there for half my life, and while I feel very much at home in Scotland, I’m often asked where I’m from due to my accent. The song ultimately describes a kind of limbo with no clear definitions or paths. We have to make our own way.”

Primarily recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered remotely at contributors’ home studios, All Us On Fire was created with support from Creative Scotland and Bòrd na Gàidhlig and is self-released.

Steeljoy will perform as part of the #ShiftThePower Fundraiser – International Women’s Day Showcase on 7th March at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow with tickets available here.

Connect with Steeljoy:                                                                                                                                  

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All Us On Fire full tracklist

  1. Sleeper Poison
  2. Dá Rachaidh Mé
  3. Layer Liar Pride
  4. No-One’s Asking
  5. Both And
  6. Callous
  7. Iasca Beaga
  8. Nah
  9. Rise Up! (On Her Shoulders – Ar A Guaillí – Air A Guailnean)

Contributing artists

Jen O’Brien, Rosie Bans, Empress MC, Jenny Tingle, JP Waksman, Choirstaidh Iona McArthur, EYVE, Becci Wallace, Freya Giles, Jordan Stewart, Bell Lungs, Ingrid Ewan McRae, and Ainsley Hamill.

About Jen O’Brien

Born in Ireland and a resident of Scotland, Jen O’Brien is a musician, composer and singer-songwriter. With her music and voice described as a gothic Debbie Harry, Jen’s impressive back catalogue includes numerous solo work, as well as projects with bands and collaborations. 

As lead singer songwriter for indie band Sorrows Have Sails 2011-2017, track ‘Little Emperors’ featured on the New Hellfire Club vinyl release ‘Now That’s What Aye Call Music Vol. 1’. With former duo Seafern, their single ‘The Seed Beneath the Snow’, released April 2019, featured in the trailer for Peter Armstrong directed documentary film ‘The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilisation?’ and also in the short film ‘Trifle’ (2020) decorated at short film festivals worldwide. Seafern EP ‘Subsidence’ released May 2020 to critical acclaim.

Jen is also Founding Director at Music Broth, an inclusive social enterprise dedicated to shared equitable access to restored musical instruments, which connects people through music learning opportunities.

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