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Vinok – Holy Fool – Album Review

On 28 April 2021, Vinok released their first full album.  The American-Ukrainian indie-rock band have created a thirty-five minute, eleven-track album that deserves your attention.

The album, whilst classed as indie-rock, roams around the pop and rock genres throughout – from the dance beats featuring on many tracks, to the heavy-metal guitar and drums which happily appear in the same song.  They beautifully mix parts of early Garbage with No Doubt/Gwen Stefani (to mention just a few), meaningful lyrics with some great guitar playing.  Whilst it’s primarily the music that draws you in, a desire to figure out the meaning of the lyrics keeps you listening to this release again and again.  

Vinok have created a very listenable album, which makes you want to move, and dig further into where the lyrics came from.  Whilst it doesn’t  cleanly fit into any genre/sub-genre, that doesn’t detract from a good album – hopefully the first of many.

Holy Fool by Vinok is out now and available digitally from Bandcamp, Apple Music and Spotify.

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