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Emily Barker – A Dark Murmuration of Words – Album Review

On 4th September Emily Barker released her fourth solo album, A Dark Murmuration of Words.  Consisting of ten tracks, Emily’s sweet voice combined with great musicianship has produced a beautiful album – which benefits from a good sound system/pair of headphones.

The album has a very seventies chart folk sound to it –  think a mix of Richard and Linda Thompson and the theme from the BBC sitcom Butterflies; Clare Torry singing on the cover of Dolly Parton’s “Love Is Like a Butterfly”.  The lyrics, on the other hand, are very modern.  Exploring “climate change, racism, sexism, and myths of economic progress”, the songs make you think, questioning the modern age, and bringing them together will hopefully encourage those who listen to talk about these themes with others.

This isn’t an album you should just put on in the background; you need to sit and listen to it properly, pay attention to the words and, in doing so, hopefully discover the beauty to be found.

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